The Chronicles of Narnia 4 – Prince Caspian


A year later from the last scene of <The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe>, same four children were at the train station to back to school. But suddenly they were summoned to uninhabited island and found a castle. Peter concluded (with four points) that this place is the ruins of Cair Paravel where they were lived as Kings and Queens in Narnia. Others disagreed first time but later they accepted the fact seeing some visual evidence.


They rescued the Dwarf from the water. He is a messenger of King Caspian who is the Tenth King of Narnia. He told about him from his childhood when he was a prince. Caspian said to his uncle, Miraz, the King of Narnia about past days of this country which was told by the Nurse. But the King expressed unpleasant feeling. Because of this, the nurse was sent away and a Tutor came to teach the Prince. He was Doctor Cornelius and he did not much talk about old history of Narnia.


One day, he led the Caspian to the very top of the Great tower which was forbidden to him before. At that place, the Doctor told that everything heard from the Nurse is true. And then the Prince found that the Doctor is a half-Dwarf and has human blood in him, too. He asked the Prince to gather learned magicians and try to find a way of awaking the trees, living Faun’s, Talking Beasts or Dwarfs. For few years, he learned many things to be qualified and become a King. And because of dangerous position, Caspian left the castle with Cornelius’ assistance. And his journey has started with a purse of gold and a horn of Queen Susan. Doctor said that whoever blow horn shall have strange help. Despite of assistance of Dwarfs, Caspian was forced into a problem so he blew the horn. This is the reason that Peter and other brothers and sisters were summoned into Narnia once again.


After the Dwarf’s saying (messenger from Caspian), four children decided to join with Prince Caspian. After a sleep for a little while except Lucy, she said that she saw the Lion, Aslan. Susan and Peter didn’t believe that. But Lucy was true. Everybody met and talked with him. He awakened and raised all creatures of Narnia. Meanwhile, Caspian and others had some emotional crash. Fortunately, Peters was capable to arrive and calm down this situation. All creatures were involved for battle and Caspian suggested Miraz to fight against to each other. The victory went to Caspian and Old Narnians and Caspian became a new King of Narnia. In final, four children returned to their world. For the reference, Peter and Susan is not able to come Narnia again because of their old age.


Lucy is the youngest sister among four children. Her judgment and seeing was always right. In second book, she found the way to Narnia at first, and in this book, she also found and talked with Aslan earlier than others who did not believe. The Heaven belongs to pure-hearted children, according to the scripture of New Testimony. Believing in and accepting Jesus Christ doesn’t have to be doubted or measured with human being’s cunning knowledge. We all need the faith as Simon Peter who threw fishnet in deep sea without any hesitation.


The Chronicles of Narnia 3 – The Horse And The Boy

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When Peters were Kings and Queens of Narnia, there lived a poor fisherman called Arsheesh and his boy Shasta in far south of Calormen. When his daily job is bad, Arsheesh treated Shasta in severe. (It seems that Arsheesh is Shasta’s step-father.) Shasta was very interested in everything of north because of his curiosity for non-conquered area by human being ever. One day they met a stranger who looks like Tarkaan or great lord so that made them bow down.


One day, Shasta heard that they were bargaining with himself, like selling for a slave. With complicated thought, Shasta approached to Tarkaan’s horse and muttered unintentionally. But the Horse could speak and understand the language of human beings in real. He told Shasta about Narnia where is the boy’s dream country. And then they ran away from fisherman’s house. For the reference, Shasta decided to call the Horse “Bree” because his name was too long and hard to understand. Anyway, their journey has been started at least.


During the journey, they met the horse named Hwin and the girl named Aravis. They were also trying to get to Narnia so two groups were joined ahead to Narnia. She introduced her as a descent from the god Tash of Calormene. One day, they were traveling the city. On a splendid street, Peters went through and they mistook Shasta as a Prince Corin who ran way from the castle before. So Shasta went to the place with them and enjoyed ease. But that did not go long because real Prince Corin has appeared. So Shasta escaped and trotted towards the tombs.


Meanwhile, Aravis met and talked with her friend Lasaraleen. And she took a peep about conspiracy of Rahadash, the son of Tisroc. After reunion with Shasta, they reported this to King Lune of Archeland, so that makes prevent everything from it with ally Narnia. And then the secret of Shasta’s birth has been revealed.


This book is “extra edition” of Narnia series so actually I didn’t really enjoy. But the one thing that I found is, we can learn the abundant love and help on the way from the LORD through this book.

The Chronicle of Narnia 2 – The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe


Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, four brothers and sisters were sent to the house of Professor Digory’s house. While looking around his huge house everywhere, children found a wardrobe which was only in empty room. Lucy opened the door of wardrobe and that was the way to Narnia. Unlike the First Story of Narnia, the weather was winter so she might need extra coat from wardrobe. Anyway, Lucy entered to the wood of Narnia with curious eyes and met Faun named Tumnus. He was so kind to her but he confessed that it was a trick for the White Witch to sacrifice Lucy. And he also told that because of her reign, this land keeps snow falling. Fortunately he could let her go and return to the earth without any trouble.


Lucy told the story to others but no one believed. Few days later, four children played hide and seek. In this time, Edmund ran into the wardrobe by accident and he found the way to Narnia. He met the Queen. She said that she want a nice boy whom she could bring up as a Prince and who would be King of Narnia when she gone. Later, she said that Edmund is suitable for Prince and she suggested him to keep it secret between them. But he said everything to Lucy whom met nearby the lamp-post. He found that was the White Witch who reigns over Narnia with severe weather and firstly mentioned by Tumnus. Lucy said that she is so cruel to all and has no right to reign this land.


And few later days, all four children finally got into Narnia. Lucy led the way to the Tumnus’ cave, but it was late. He got arrested by Captain of the Secret Police belong to the White Witch because of harbouring spices and fraternising with Humans. They decided to rescue him but they had no idea to deal with it. Along the way, they met Beaver. They all was not sure about that every creature they met is nice to them or not. I mean on the their side or the enemy. Beaver said that he met Tumnus before he was arrested, and Aslan has probably landed on Narnia. Children importunately questioned to the Beaver about the whereabouts of Tumnus and the true nature about Aslan. While his speaking, Edmund was suddenly disappeared.


Like other children, he ate dinner at Mr and Mrs. Beaver’s house but he didn’t satisfy with it because of the eager of Turkish Delights that the White Witch gave him before. He wanted to become a Prince and later a King according to the promise with her. He reached to the small castle where the house of the White Witch is. She was unpleasant with his saying and turned her attitude toward him so harshly, not like kindness of first impression. At the same time, rest of three children received weapons and armors from Father Christmas to fight against the White Witch and save Edmund who betrayed them. And all they met Aslan, the Creator of Narnia. Because of his advent, the weather started turning into spring.


Edmund was rescued and the Witch was captured to Aslan. After the negotiation between the the Witch and the Lion, she killed innocent him instead of releasing Edmund. But under the fact that the innocent one who died for sinner can revival from the dead, Aslan rose again!! This is a Deep Magic that the Witch did not know. Aslan and four children went to her castle. He made all statues (because of the spell of the Witch) to live again and released prisoners including Tumnus. After the fighting against with desperate horrible creatures, finally the Witch was defeated. Four children became Kings and Queens of Narnia and they reigned this country over decades. But by returning to wardrobe, the time of the earth was almost just flew few minutes so they were no longer Kings and Queens, they were just children, themselves. The Prof. Digory seemed to know about Narnia, through the conversation between them and said that it is going to keep in secret to others. According to his saying, this is only the beginning of the adventures of Narnia.


Again, the Bible motive came out. As you know, Aslan reminds us Jesus Christ. The most thing that I felt from this book is, we are tend to be tempted instant sweet things like Edmund did. That seems to be good to us but if you find the reality of that, nobody is hard to be escaped. And this story also tells about the promotion of virtue and reproval of vice. That means, a good-hearted one may receive the blessings, and the evil one may receives the punishment.


Because of the most popularity among Narnia series, I really enjoyed the story more than previous work.








待っている!ლ( ╹ ◡ ╹ ლ)

The Chronicles of Narnia 1 – The Magician’s Nephew


There were Polly and Digory and they were neighbors next door to each other. After founding a tunnel to forbidden study of Uncle Andrew at Digory’s house, they used to go there regularly in secret, but Andrew noticed their presence. He gave a Yellow Ring to Polly. She touched by mistake (Andrew warned to her but it’s was late!!) and she was vanished in an instant.

Andrew who is the great scholar, the magician, the adept said that she went to another place and said these commands. “If someone else would go after her, wearing a Yellow Ring himself and taking two Green Rings, one to bring himself back and one to bring her back.” Digory followed them and his journey has been started.

Digory and Polly met again in first place, where the wood just keeps growing. Despite Uncle Andrew gave them a wrong instruction related to Rings, they went to other place. They were in sort of courtyard among the buildings in dark weather. They wandered all over inside the building and found a strange room. Ignoring the warning, they struck the golden bell with the hammer. And then one of the figures in that room rose up from the chair. They awaked the Queen Jadis with broken-spell!! But she who talked about her past seemed always not to be favorable. Children found the cruelness (because she slayed all life of the Charn and became a Queen.) and thirst for revenge about her enemies. Digory and Polly wanted to be released from her hands.

However, the Queen(or the Witch) chased them importunately until the Uncle Andrew’s room in London. Andrew greeted formally to the Queen but her attitude toward man was very firm so he stammered. She drove out Uncle Andrew and started to harass toward Aunt Letty who called police through housemaid. And then they came to the situated place. And in the meantime, Polly didn’t remember events in a wood and building of Charn. Anyway, the crowd including policemen, Digory and Polly tried to expel the Witch on the horse back. The battle was at the lamp-post. And all they except policemen were sent to other place. There was a Lion whose name is Aslan. He was singing to make brighter world. This was the beginning of the Kingdom of Narnia.

The animals could speak after that. The Lion set first throne to the Cabby and his wife as a first King and Queen of Narnia and planted a tree that the runaway Witch would not dare to approach in Narnia. Aslan gave a horse new name “Fledge” and made him having wings. He sent away two children on Fledge’s back to the garden where a tree of magic apple to heal Digory’s mother is. He ordered to bring it back to him.

The center of the garden, there was a tree of magic fruits. Despite of order to take of my fruit for others on the gold gate, Digory put an apple in his pocket with eager mind. And they met the Witch who already ate an apple. She said that is the apple of youth and life. She already tasted and she would never grow old or die so she tempted to him to eat. How about his mother? The Witch said that he must go beside to his mother in earth with his magic and give to her, not go back to the Lion. But they didn’t listen to her saying and brought and showed the apple to Aslan.

He praised Digory’s behavior and courage. He ordered to throw the apple towards the river bank where the ground is soft. At that point, the apple tree started to grow. And then all crowd had the coronation of King Frank and Helen his Queen of Narnia. And the fate of Uncle Andrew and the Witch? I commend on your further reading.

Digory and Polly went back to the earth with an apple which was newly picked from grown tree. He gave it to his mother and she recovered completely. Digory buried the core of the Apple in the back garden. And with Polly he also buried all the magic rings. The seed became a tree which is going to be a material for wardrobe of Second Narnia story.

Even though Lewis didn’t intent the story from Bible, the Magician’s Nephew has some symbolism with Genesis. The garden that Digory and Polly visited is similar to the garden of Aden. Each of them has a tree whose fruit would make humans brighter and wiser. The Witch tempted Digory, like the attitude of the snake toward Eve. And Aslan,, almosts knows, can be a symbol of God who made the earth with His words. Aslan made Narnia with singing.

Through this journey that I enjoyed, I didn’t feel any difficulties or barrier to understand the whole story. The level of vocabulary is not so hard. The reason that why I chose Narnia is this entire series is one of required books for 3rd or 4th grade. Yes, my reading level is that ground.

Roald Dahl – Matilda


By the time Matilda was three, she had taught herself to read by studying newspapers and magazines that lay around the house. At the age of four, she could read fast and well and she naturally began bankering after books. She asked her father to buy a book, but he refused. (He wanted her to watch TV all day long.) He thought that books spoil the child. So she set out all by herself to walk to the public library in the village. She already read all children’s books. What she looked for was a famous grown-up books!! The librarian named Mrs. Phelps helped her to find it.

Within a week, Matilda finished Great Expressions which in that edition contained four hundred and eleven pages. And her reading seemed not to be done. After reading 14 more books, the library allowed her to borrow books and take them home. She from then on, she would visit the library only once a week in order to take out new books and return the old ones.

When she was five and half years old, she entered the Primary School. She was extraordinary brilliant compare to other students but nobody seemed to acknowledge her except her teacher Miss Honey and classmates. Matilda punished toward grown-ups who don’t understand and like her with supernatural powers or tricks. The results were gratifying.

Miss Honey had a mind to Matilda so they depended on and tell the inside story on each other. And finally at the end, the whole family had to catch up the plane to move to Spain. Matilda insisted not to go with them, even the time of setting off. Her father didn’t take much of care on her so he let her mind go. So on the last scene, Matilda leapt into Miss Honey’s arms and both hugged each other. The family was not important and precious to Matilda because nobody gave affection and interests. Only Miss Honey discovered possibility and potential power through her. She might want to raise Matilda by herself.

Roald Dahl – James And The Giant Peach


James Henry Trotter had been living with his mother and father until he was four years old. But one day, his parents got eaten up by an enormous angry rhinoceros which had escaped from London zoo. With a deep sorrow, he was went away to live with his two aunts. Their names were Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spoker. They were selfish and lazy and cruel and abusive.

On a blazing hot day in the middle of summer, poor James was chopping wood for the kitchen stove. He thought about all the other children in this world and he found that he has no freedom to play like them. Then suddenly he met an old man and he gave mysterious stones. He instructed to James to do something and he did. In next day, there was a big peach on the highest peach tree branch. It grew bigger and bigger so no one could resist of it. When it becomes as big as a house, it stopped and many people came to see this rare sight.

James couldn’t get sleep. At night, he went to the peach and found a hole in the side of the peach. It was not just a hole. It was tunnel where different kinds of human-sized insects were lived. James met them and they welcomed him. After having a night, they found that the peach had rolled a long way from hilltop. Passing the countryside, it floated upon the surface of the water. They reached middle of the sea, and their unexpected destination was New York City!!

As an old man said, James experienced special moments and he became a hero of the story from hopeless child. His curiosity, nimbleness, and knowledge made insects to be inspired by human being. And within the journey I could find out how Roald Dahl was creative fiction writer so he could describe the things in a certain words and figure of speech. Every conversation that James and insects had was easy to read.