[The Purpose Driven Life] Day Nine 2-2. What Makes God Smile?



Point to Ponder:

God smiles when I trust him.

Verse to Remember:

“The Lord is pleased with those who

worship Him and trust His love.” Psalm 147:11 (CEV)

Question to Consider:

Since God knows what is best, in what areas of my life do I need to trust Him most?



I have some regretting moments in my life. So I made a conclusion like this. When I choose or decide something, I have to ask to God first and put trust on Him. I don’t know how and when He would answer to me. Whatever He reacts, I do not need to be depressed because His Word has the power, even for the death. Putting a trust is also involving be patience. If my mind is overacting, I cannot hear His voice.

[The Purpose Driven Life] Day Eight 2-1. Planned for God’s Pleasure



Point to Ponder:

I was planned for God’s pleasure.

Verse to Remember:

“The Lord takes pleasure in His people.” Psalm 149:4a (TEV)

Question to Consider:

What common task could I start doing as if I were doing it directly for Jesus?



When I want to pay back to my parents, my father always say like this. “I don’t need a present. Just do what I ask to you, without any complain.” But it is hard to keep in mind and keep the promise. I think, “I can’t do that because my English is poor.” “Is there any solution for this, no way!” and so on. Yesterday was also I said negative my own future to my mom, but I did and got the great result!!

Jesus doesn’t wants me to have a big faith which moves the mountain, have fast prayer for 40 days, or preach the gospel to strange people. These are also necessary, too, but my point is Jesus tests me from the small things, even open the door for other people, carrying the baggage for old or disabled person. But I am not saying that more good job doesn’t guarantee the path to the heaven. God look our hearts. Those who have pure heart like a child only can be lifted by God as heavenly citizen and representatives.

Thanks Note on 5/31/16 Tuesday


1. Thanks for coming back to normal life after Memorial Day holidays.

From last week’s Monday, I was suffered by back congestion, so I couldn’t do anything except Continuing Education study. I felt the recovery from Wednesday afternoon, and right now, the recovery percentage is 98. For three days, I couldn’t sit even for a short time, but from Saturday, I could sit finally. So from yesterday, I came back to normal life – translation, study, reading and writing and so on. because of laziness I could not start in normal way, but the process and the result was fine. I will do my best from today also and for the future.

2. Thanks for giving me the time to think about the health.

I thought that I am so healthy but this event made me a lot of think. It is blessed with healthy body and mind without any illness or ailment. During my young days, I want to do something that I can do with upper condition. I lost some weight with diet and working out, and I want to push me up and concentrate on more loosing my weight. I want to back to the weight that I had during early American life.

3. Thanks for having family who supports me all the time.

Because of some barrier, I owe to my family members. The one thing that I pay back is simple. Just do what they want for me. Before announce farewell or passing away, I want to have more some bounds among them and give my love to them.

4. Thanks for giving me abundant life.

I am not so rich but I don’t have any problem with earning some money and living. Because of this, I cannot visit South Korea even for short time, but I don’t feel any sadness or homesick. For me, the present is so important to me, and the changeable future is waiting for me. I am dreaming better days than today, and I am doing my best in my thought. I am also thankful that I am living in the world that I could write down my feelings easily. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blog… If I have complicated thought or new idea, I don’t hesitate use these things. For me, these are not just a tool for contacting with friends, these are the window or bridge to the world. For this purpose, these were chosen.  Brand new, greatest model are no matter. My laptop and smartphoe are doing their incredible job and they are miracle.

My Thought on Lincoln Brewster’s All To You Live

I have been pained with acute Lumbar sprain & strain from Monday morning. When I listen to my father and look through internet, here is no clear answer. I have  a severe pain when I  sit on the chair even for a short time like for 5 or 10 minutes. So mostly I am spending a time on the bed, or walking around my house with turning the TV. For this posting, I used my smartphone but I deleted it in mistake so I am writing  with standing, my laptop are on the drawers. I am moving my back like spinning.

For this terrible situation, music can heal me. I played Vivaldi’s opera which was performed in South Korea one week ago, but it was painful to listen over for 3 hours. Familiar music is likely to comfort me. Bajazet is only thing that I can take care of among Vivaldi’s opera, with this thought, I looked through my bookshelf and found this one. I think that this album was released about a decade ago.


The reason that I chose is 1. I want to be healed from this music 2. Leaving the classical music and seeking for a new style. I insert the CD into my laptop and exciting music comes out with abundant electric guitar sound. Actually as a classical music learner, I have a hostile mind for contemporary music. The most of music that I listen to is, basically piano is main, and string part is background. But sometimes there is exception. If the lyrics are clearly transported, if the melody is easy to sing or remember, electric guitar’s sound is OK to me. So many people judge me that my musical style might be conservative, but I also accept various genre as you see this J-Pop list. (My favorite J-Pop lists) So based on this mind, Lincoln Brester’s All To You Live passed my standard.

While listening to this album, many thoughts comes out. As a church pianist, sometimes I have to overcome some parts that I don’t really know. Like I said I studied classical music, so I just learned contemporary music only hearing by the accident or picking up from the band. The reason that I can cover is, I had a special relationship with worship band at Hanbit Church of Changwon City in South Korea 2004 to 2007. Somebody said to me like this, “DO you shaffle rhythm?”  and I said in polite, ” I didn’t studied contemporary music so I don’t know about that.” Other people tend not to know much about me so their thought is different with me, and also my thought is different with them.

Even though I have a conservative though in music, I also think about that worship music has to be flown by the period and trend. I had been the most conservative church in the USA, and also attended some big churches. But the result was this one. Every churches cannot satisfied me entirely. And God doesn’t accept every church’s worship service. Most of Christians pick their best dress or suit for Sunday, and prepare the new stand-up money for offering  If God only judge for the quality, this can be contradiction because there are many poor people in this world. God only look through our heart and mind. You may raise your hands and shade tears but is these are wholeheartedly or just inspired from human being’s creation? Pastors, worship leaders don’t have a right to ask audience to raise or clap their hands.

I used to listen to Hillsong’s praise and worship songs. But one day, I realize that they are related to Satan’s community so I stopped to buy their albums. Time goes by, and it is hard to find pure ministers or Christians. But I don’t only say negative point. I cannot say in details, but I also met anointed and spiritual pastors and I am experiencing them these days, too  The point that I want to say is, Korean churches in everywhere have two separate group for music – choir and praise and worship team. Church choir members are mostly consisted with older generation. If they retire from their position, this group might be dispersed. Of course the conductor and accompanist also can lose their job. If this fact is really happened, praise and worship team’s position can be stronger than before. Based on this future, I cannot settle for my current position. I have to learn and develop something new.

If I have a open mind, this world can be seen in different. So this album is stimulant to me. This was released a decade ago, and it can be said this is such a revolution, keeping to the basics and also epoch-marking.  In fact, Chris Tomlin is more famous than Lincoln Brewster, but I like Lincoln than Chris. Why? Because Lincoln Brewster served for Integrity’s Hosanna! Music? No~, I don’t think so.

[The Purpose Driven Life] Day Seven 1-7. The Reason for Everything



Point to Ponder:

It’s all for Him

Verse to Remember:

“For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by His power,

and everything is for His Glory.” Romans 11:36 (LB)

Question to Consider:

Where in my daily routine can I become more aware of God’s glory?


Whatever I do, I seek for His Glory.

[The Purpose Drive Life] Day Six 1-6. Life is a Temporary Assignment



Point to Ponder:

This Word is not my home.

Verse to Remember:

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on not is unseen.

For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV)

Question to Consider:

How should the fact that life on earth is not a temporary assignment

change the way that I am living right now?


When I do what I don’t like, I try to think like this: “There are no everlasting things in this world.” After this thought, I can do anything whether I like or not.

[The Purpose Driven Life] Day Five 1-5. Seeing Life from God’s View



Point to Ponder:

Life is a test and trust.

Verse to Remember:

“Unless you are faithful in small matters,

you won’t be faithful in large ones.” Luke 16:10a (NLT)

Question to Consider:

What has happened to me recently that I now realize was a test from God?

What are the greatest matters God has entrusted to me?


Recently, someone asked me to make his own sheet music. At first, I wanted to reject, but I couldn’t. I promised to make four sheet music to him and it went well. So he asked me additional 10 works. 100 percent I didn’t agree with that, but I am doing when I have a time. The reason that I rejected first time is I didn’t have any experience of making chord music. But it was easier than I thought so I learned new one from Final Music Notation Software. I think that this is the surely God’s test only for me. It seems to speak to me not only to listen to limited music genre and also have to be interested in new fields including Contemporary Christian Music. At the very first time, I didn’t have any mind to participate this project and blamed him why he does not have such a talent like this, but right now I want to make perfect in anybody’s eyes and His eyes.

I trust His promise. When we pray to God, the answer can be fulfilled right away or can be delayed. Whatever it goes, the one thing that I have to remember is, He always remember the promise between us and Him. I didn’t put so much of prayer matters on Him so I cannot remember promise that I made with God, but I believe that someday He will give me an abundant blessing and grace.